The Great Brick Adventure

So, yesterday we visited The Great Brick Adventure, at the Harrogate Convention Centre. A fantastic family-friendly 3-day exhibition of Lego brick sculptures created by the company Bright Bricks. They had two themed sections, Great Brick Safari and Mythical Beasts.

Some of the Safari animals featured included a tiger, zebras, gorilla, lions, kangaroos and an elephant. Each in their own special Lego diorama. A Warriorbots Arena was on the same level as the Safari displays, where remote controlled Lego robots were fighting it out.

lego lionlego tiger

The Mythical Beasts exhibition is one of Bright Bricks' most recent shows. They've managed to create a world of creatures from mythology, including a giant dragon, nymphs, mermaids, minotaur and hippogriffs. Some even had special features – the dragon breathed fire and the hydra had red eyes.

lego dragonlego hydra

In each section there were interactive displays for children to take part in. For Safari, they had children help build sections for Bright Bricks to use to create a giant hippo, and in the Mythical Beasts, they were helping to create Ancient Greek pillars. Our children loved doing this, but the downside was that you never got to see the finished creation – whether they were unveiled at close of day we don't know, but when we left they had a long way to go before they would be finished.

interactive display

A great part of the day were the brick pits where you could get stuck in and be creative building your own masterpiece, whether mythical, safari or otherwise. We spent quite a long time sat waiting for the children to finish theirs! Another feature were the several selfie opportunities for children and adults.

No Lego exhibition is complete without trade stands, and there were just the right amount to browse.

Overall, it was an enjoyable couple of hours. The sculptures were amazing, and so much time and thought had gone into each one. Everything was spaced out brilliantly so it was easy to get around and view them without being in other peoples way. My only negative is that apparently there was a back story behind the Mythical Beasts, where they had all escaped from Pandoras Box, and we the visitors were the heroes of the experience and were entrusted in finding all the escaped creatures and sealing them away back in the box. Sadly we didn't see anything about this and I think they missed an opportunity to give the kids an activity to complete based on this, and maybe a little prize for “capturing” all the creatures . Still, it didn't detract from the stunning exhibition itself. Hopefully, Bright Bricks will be back to Harrogate with another exhibition soon – we would definitely go.

You can find out more about Bright Bricks here: