Light Stax - Light Up Your Play

Light Stax are a relatively new, award winning toy having launched in 2014 in Europe and the USA. They are wonderful illuminated bricks, using LED technology.

There are 3 types of Light Stax currently on the market:

Stax Junior (suitable for 3-6yrs): and are compatible with LEGO® Duplo. 

Stax System (suitable for 6+): and compatible with regular LEGO® bricks as well as Stax Hybrid. 

Stax Hybrid (6+): These are Light Stax's newest range and bring light and sound into the world of toy bricks.

Light Stax Hybrid

Powerful LEDs in each Stax brick magically light each one up as you build brick on brick. There are two ways to light up your creations – a 2x4 USB Power Stax and the wireless 4x4 Mobile Power Stax. Amazingly one battery brick will light 50 Stax for more than 1 hour. They can also be recharged over and over again. Both types of Power Stax have 3 light options - instant on, blinking and glowing.

Extension Cables

Light Stax come in a wide range of solid and transparent coloured bricks allowing for varied imaginative play. They are even compatible with existing building blocks like Mega Bloks and LEGO® itself. Which means you can use Stax bricks to light up your own collection of LEGO®.

Coloured Light Stax


These make an ideal gift for both adults and children who love LEGO®. Being able to use them alongside LEGO® bricks allow for a diverse range of play, giving you the chance to let your imagination run wild with ways to use the light bricks. In fact, you can find some downloadable instructions for several creations on the Light Stax website. 

light stax

So if you're looking for a brick themed present, these offer a unique alternative to a LEGO® set.

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